From Wireless Smart Headphones to Wearable Banking Apps

 - Sep 1, 2014
The most popular August 2014 technology ideas continue to revolve around wearable tech. Maintaining its position at the forefront of emerging technologies, wearable technology is stretching beyond the realm of fitness and health, meeting demands in banking and entertainment.

Consumers can now use their smartwatch to meet all of their banking and payment needs thanks to the Wallaby's Mobile Wallet app that was developed for the Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch. The app is programmed to helps wearers identify which method of payment will benefit them the most in terms of reward programs and saving money.

Tory Burch's wearable fitness accessories are revolutionizing the craze by offering consumers chic pieces that look more like high-end jewelry than workout bands.

The Ritot Watch by Ivan Powell and Paul Smith takes the idea of "Wearable technology" to a very literal level. The watch projects the time, date and information from social media onto the wearer's forearm.

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