Trend Hunter's Influencers Share Their Inspirational 'First Spark'

 - Jul 2, 2014
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Can you remember the 'first spark' that set you on your current path? That moment when you realized you wanted to do nothing more than immerse yourself in the world you're most passionate about. You'd be surprised how accurate your memory is at pinpointing that exact moment -- when you experienced something for the first time and said to yourself, "This is for me. This is what I want to do. I love this so much I want it to be part of my life forever."

In collaboration with the Vodafone Firsts program, we sat down with three Trend Hunter influencers and unearthed memories of their 'first spark.' We asked the influencers to look back at what inspired them to blog, cool hunt and uncover the latest trends in their field, and without hesitation, they each recalled their initial moment of inspiration.

From scrapbooking sophisticated fashion magazines to seeing groundbreaking television ads, the Trend Hunter influencers share their stories and setup scenarios to hear about your 'first spark' of intrigue and inspiration.

Tell us what influenced you by sharing your firsts at Vodafone Firsts, and you could win chance experience something you've never done before.