These E-Waste Recycling Ads Show Keyboards and USBs on Sick Beds, Near Death

 - Jul 17, 2014
References: homesteadinfra & adeevee
As new technology is pumped out at such a rapid pace, there's also a ton of people tossing out their old cell phones, computers and keyboards—this Homestead India Real Estate ad encourages people to do the kind thing and look into E-waste recycling out of respect for the last wishes of their dying devices.

The ads are set up to look like sick beds filled with an old USB and an ancient-looking keyboard. With so many different devices playing such huge roles in our lives, it's easy to be empathetic and get oddly attached to these pieces of technology. With extremely high E-waste generation in India, these ads encourage people to do the right thing for themselves and the environment, since the burning of these devices is highly hazardous and causes air pollution.