The Domin Digital Kitchen Database is Composed of Scraps

 - Nov 29, 2011
Think of the largest garbage bin in your house -- is it in your kitchen? The room that often produces most of the waste in the home would however be enhanced by the addition of the Domin Digital Kitchen Database. David Seo has posted this project as the work of a collaboration between Adam, Baozhen, Jong and Sen with the aim to recycle e-waste and produce a remarkably handy appliance.

Incorporating a keyboard, a monitor, a barcode scanner and a cutting board, this contraption has been cleverly conceived and aesthetically conceptualized to offer homemakers a convenient sidekick for cooking and grocery shopping. Its many layers and parts allow one to carry out a number of physical tasks, while the touchscreen of the Domin Digital Kitchen Database lets one virtually organize lists, coupons and nutritional information.