Inconspicuously Snipe Your Friends At Work with the Axniper USB

 - Sep 23, 2013
For those who enjoy shooting BB pellets comes the the Axniper USB. This mini sniper rifle boasts pinpoint accuracy with its built-in webcam that is controlled via your personal computer.

The mini rifle is USB-powered—simply plug it into your computer, install the software, and load your gun with the provided BB pellets. After placing your firearm in a strategic area, control the barrel and mount of the gun with your computer. Pinpoint accuracy using the up/down/left/right arrow keys, alongside tilt and launch keys on your keyboard is very possible. Imagine firing multiple rounds of pellets into a coworker or sibling’s head. The gun can even fire up to eight meters for that one coworker across the room.

This mini rifle is an amazing time-waster and defense mechanism. The Axniper USB is available for purchase online.