The Yura Appliance System is a Personal Robotic Bartender

 - Jul 11, 2014
References: electroluxdesignlab & eater
Ukrainian designer Herman Haydin designed the Yura drone as an aerial handsfree personal bartender that can look after all your drink needs. This robotic bartender can make your favorite beverages and deliver them directly to you.

Soon human bartenders will become entirely obsolete in order to make room for robotic servers like the Yura drone. This flying robot can make all sorts of drinks -- from cocktails to tea -- and deliver them straight to you. Yura is able to take your order based on voice command or instructions sent via your computer or smartphone. This drone comes complete with a 'smart cartridge' that allows it to heat or cool your drinks. You can even ask Yura to create drinks based on calories, fat, or protein intake.