From Booze Delivery Apps to Musical Whiskey Deliveries

 - Sep 7, 2015
With the wonderful world of apps right at a smartphone user's fingertips, liquor delivery services are becoming increasingly popular.

Delivery isn't just for pizza anymore. Through apps and websites, almost anything can be ordered for delivery now, from fine dining meals to marijuana to kittens to an emergency change of outfit. Now, liquor delivery is coming onto the scene, so that anyone with Internet access can have a fully equipped party delivered directly to their home.

Liquor delivery services are developing unique and quirky features and extras to draw consumers in and distinguish themselves from other liquor delivery companies. For example, Desk Beers is a weekly delivery service that brings a selection of craft beers to the office on a Friday afternoon. It offers a liquor delivery that helps managers offer their workers a chance to unwind and bond after a week of hard work.