The Kasisto Virtual Personal Assistant is Intelligent and Simple to Use

 - Jul 6, 2014
References: sri & engadget
To help you sort out your finances and get them in order, SRI International recently launched its latest new venture that comes in the form of a virtual personal assistant called Kasisto.

Using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology, Kasisto is like a virtual personal assistant that aims to improve consumer experiences on mobile devices through intelligent conversation when it comes to banking issues -- to put it in layman terms, Kasisto is a little bit like Siri's older brother.

"Virtual personal assistant technology has revolutionized consumer interaction with mobile devices," says vice president of SRI Ventures Norman Winarsky.

Taking mobile conversation to the next level, Kasisto allows enterprises to integrate branded personal assistants into their mobile apps

"Now consumers expect a more human-like experience when interacting online. Kasisto represents a new user experience—one that is context aware, personalized, and more effective," says Winarsky.