From Income Balancing Apps to Personalized Financial Trackers

 - Aug 22, 2015
Money-managing apps have become essential in today's fast-paced lifestyles. Furthermore, smartphones have become everyone's all-in-one tool when it comes to making purchases, deposits, transfers and even when seeking financial advising.

Having recognized our generation's reliance on smartphones, companies both large and small have created apps that make managing our money easier. When scrolling through someone's smartphone, there will likely be a banking app on it, perhaps a bill splitting app, and maybe a budgeting app for those closely tracking their money.

With the 'Even' app, freelance workers are calculated a monthly wage and act as virtual financial advisors by balancing users' income. 'Money Wallet' puts all your credit cards and accounts in one place, allowing you to precisely track every purchase and transaction.

In our increasingly hyperconnected world, keeping an eye on our finances has become simpler with money-managing apps.