Microsoft's Phone Charging Wall is Powered by Potatoes and Apples

As part of its promotions for the new Lumia 930, Microsoft teamed up with artist Caleb Charland and Carphone Warehouse to create a massive phone-charging wall made from hundreds of fruits and vegetables.

The impressive phone charging wall spans over 20' and stands tall at over 8', made up of over 800 apples and potatoes strung together with copper wire and held in place with galvanized nails. The charge generated by the wall is equivalent to about 20mA and 6 volts, delivering an impressive wireless charge to phones. In addition to being a fantastic way to launch the Lumia 930 and the free wireless charger it comes with at Carphone Warehouse, the fruit and vegetable-powered wall is a great way to think about the future of charging mobile devices and energy sources, especially with regards to the environment.