Blocks is a Modular Solution for Wearable Technology

 - Jul 12, 2014
References: chooseblocks & psfk
Customizable smartwatches are the next step to such wearable technology. Making the product more adaptable to individual needs and tastes is one sure fire way to rope people who have been on the fence in regards to such products. Designed by Blocks, a startup based in London, England, this customizable smartwatch boast individual pieces that can be snapped together based on the functions the wearer wants.

Each of the blocks that make up this customizable smartwatch represents different functions including display, camera, GPS, motion, fingerprint, heart rate, microphone, Twitter and more. Dummy blocks are also available for those who don't want anymore functions but require added length to fit around their wrist. It also has an open platform so any company or individual can create apps or blocks for it.