Reverso by Yann Mathys Reacts to Light and People's Presence

 - Jul 18, 2014
References: yannmathys & trendland
Reverso may be an interactive room separator, yet at first glance it appears to be a curtain made out of mesh or even chain mail. Yet its surface can most accurately be likened to fish scales as it moves and shifts as a person passes his or her hand over it.

Created by industrial designer Yann Mathys, the interactive room separator reacts to more than just people. He says, "The frame was cut and stretched to be able to manipulate the scales with hand or squeegee. Scales react differently to light depending on their position." Futuristic and organic, the interactive room separator rethinks this traditional furniture piece. It brings a new dimension to rooms as well in a way that is practical and sculptural.