Fuel Two iPads in No Time with the Dual Travel Charging Hub

 - Nov 5, 2011
References: qmadix & gizmag
At this point, most households can boast ownership of one or more iOS devices, and fortunately for those families, Mobile manufacturer Qmadix has recently introduced the Dual Travel Charging Hub, a power station for everyone's charging needs.

The death knell of road trips is the single charging port, which most vehicles are equipped with. You'd like to play music, but your passenger needs to charge their devices -- no compromise can be made. Now, there's a solution in the form of the Dual Travel Charging Hub, a device which delivers 2.1 amps to its twin USB ports and 21-pin connectors, allowing multiple Android and iOS devices to be charged simultaneously. Moreover, the hub is made from a heat-resistant polycarbonate, while its circuitry has been designed to avoid overheating during the summer's hot, arid days.

Remember to pick one up before you head out on your next road trip!