The Kohler C3-230 Replacement Toilet Seat Hoses Off Your Behind

 - Aug 31, 2014
References: us.kohler & gizmodo
The Kohler C3-230 is a replacement toilet seat that converts your regular old toilet into a bidet, allowing you to hose off your derriere once you're done your business.

Wiping your behind with toilet paper may be the norm, but it isn't a very hygienic measure when you think about it since it doesn't clean nearly as well as water does. So if you're ready to make a big change for a fresher behind, you might want to consider the Kohler C3-230.

This replacement toilet seat even comes with a wireless remote control for tweaking power and temperature settings, along with soft glowing LED lights that help you see in the dark. The bidet is even equipped with ultraviolet light for daily sanitation, while a built-in deodorizer keeps the contraption odor-free.