- Sep 28, 2014
The top September 2014 lifestyle ideas offer consumers a wide range of quirky products to indulge their unusual food cravings, their pets and their active lifestyles.

Brands are mix and matching unusual flavors more than ever with recipes like the deep fried spaghetti from Dudefoods, the cream puff sticks by Zaku Zaku and the champagne ice pops.

For the consumer who likes to experience their food in a more permanent way, the raw meat jewelry is a noteworthy product. The bacon cuff is an original way for pork lovers to showcase their affection for the ever-popular meat item.

The poutine-eating contest enables foodies to display their affection for food in a competitive -- and messy -- manner. Taking place in Toronto, the contest was organized by the iconic poutine chain 'Smoke's Poutinerie.'

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From Loving Beer Bottles to Poutine-Eating Contests: