This $7 Tomato Corer Cleanly Removes Tomato Cores

 - Aug 28, 2014
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A tomato corer is one of tools that you feel like you can't do without once you use it for the first time. These nifty tools help you remove tomatoes' core or hull cleanly so you can work with the delicious edible part that remains. The problem with many tomato corers however is that they dull out pretty fast, but the Tomato Shark is one tool that doesn't have that problem.

This simple little metal tomato corer has very sharp teeth that dig into tomatoes as well as other fruit like strawberries to remove the core. This tool is a godsend for when you need to make a sauce and don't want to have to use a knife to core a whole bunch of tomatoes, a time-consuming and messy affair.

The Tomato Shark costs only $7 and will save you a whole lot of hassle.