Running to the Kitchen's Tomato Chips are Sliced, Salted and Microwaved

 - Aug 11, 2014
References: runningtothekitchen
Those who have a deep and borderline obsessive love for crispy snacks will love these healthy vegetable chips. Easy to make at home, the recipe involves two large tomatoes, some salt and access to a microwave. Yes, the healthy vegetable chips are made out of tomatoes. Granted, tomatoes are categorized as a fruit.

Created by Gina of Running to the Kitchen, who is based in New York City, the healthy vegetable chips goes hand in hand with her lifestyle. A cross fit junkie, it is only natural that she wouldn't want to jeopardize her hard work by eating store-bought potato chips. Inspired by an article in Food Network magazine, she writes, "I saw this spread on vegetable chips. Tomatoes being one of them. Then I read the directions and it said MICROWAVE. Not oven, not dehydrator…microwave."