The Speedo Nemesis Fins' Design is Inspired by the Humpback Whale

 - Aug 15, 2014
References: speedousa & gizmag
The Nemesis Fins are whale-inspired footwear, developed by Speedo, that allow swimmers to move faster through the water. They are inspired by the knobby 'tubercles that line humpback whales' fins along the front edge. The fins feature a series of man-made tubercles along the outside edge. This creates more surface area for the water to pass over, allowing swimmers to go faster by pushing more water with each kick.

The fins have small blow valves on top of the fin and smaller ones on the underside. This causes more water to get trapped on the bottom and squeezed through the openings, enhancing propulsion.

The Nemesis Fins are already available in limited quantities at select shops, and cost $39.99. They can also be pre-ordered online at the Speedo USA website.