This Vintage-Inspired Pop Culture Wedding Draws from Music's Colorful Past

With a shared love for some of the most well-known pop icons, it was an easy for Katy and Matthew to decide how they wanted their wedding to look. The wedding's decor is quirky and colorful, borrowing plenty of inspiration from the past. As the couple love to entertain, Katy remarks that: "We love throwing a party (usually fancy dress) and so this was hopefully going to be a bigger and better version of one of those."

A lot of the decor used to decorate The Chainstore venue were created as quick and easy DIY projects, not the kinds that eat up time months in advance before the wedding. The colorful decorations are mixed with pop art placeholders, pink flamingos and vintage crockery. To make the day as entertaining as possible, guests were kept amused with a round of wedding bingo.