Dudefoods' Spaghetti Dog Recipe Puts Deep Fried Pasta on a Stick

 - Aug 14, 2014
References: dudefoods
Pasta is one of those foods that can be extremely messy to eat, especially if you're someone who prefers to eat everything drenched in sauce—however, this DudeFoods recipe for a Deep Fried Spaghetti Dog makes the process of eating spaghetti easy and mess-free.

The recipe involves wrapping spaghetti onto a sausage on a stick the same way you'd wind it around the tines of a fork. Then, a batter of breadcrumbs can be applied to help keep everything in place. From there, it's as simple as dunking the spaghetti-on-a-stick into the deep fryer for a couple of seconds. Rather than spreading out pasta horizontally on a plate and loading it up with sauce, this way, you can dip the spaghetti stick in sauce and enjoy it bite by bite without having loose noodles slap you in the face.