This Study Lets You See How Your Favorite Foods at 200 Calories

 - Aug 22, 2014
References: wisegeek & mymodernmet
The folks over at Wisegeek sought to answer the question: what does 200 calories worth of food look like?

The conductors of the study portioned 71 food items into 200-calorie-sized samples. The edibles included healthy options such as fruit, vegetables and almonds, as well as more indulgent choices, such as soda and donuts. Some foods have a higher calorie-to-size ratio than others. For instance, you can only enjoy 86% of a glazed donut if you wanted to stay within the 200 mark. However, you could ingest 24 slices of smoked turkey or a plate full of broccoli for the same calorie intake.

The study makes an abstract concept -- the elusive calorie system -- easy to visualize. Seeing the differences on a plate might make you think twice before you reach for a sugary snack!