Tom Hanks Released a Vintage Typewriting App Called Hanx Writer

 - Aug 19, 2014
References: & techcrunch
Celebrity and actor Tom Hanks recently created an interactive typewriting app that recreates the sensation of sitting down at a typewriter for the modern-day smartphone user. The app, called the Hanx Writer, is downloadable for iPad users.

Whether it's a surprise or not, Hank's app is doing surprisingly well on the chart ranking in at number one on the iTunes App Store. The app cleverly brings back old nostalgic writing styles by turning your iPad into a fully functional typewriter. Users can sit back and enjoy hitting the keys of a simulated typewriter and hearing the same creaking, bell and banging noises you'd hear if you were typing on a real typewriter. Users can type whatever they'd like without the need for whiting out their mistakes or reloading the machine with new paper every time they mess up. While the app doesn't serve any useful purpose it's definitely a great novelty item.