Anouk Wipprecht and Arcattack Design a Superhero-Worthy Outfit

 - Sep 3, 2014
References: instructables & psfk
Women will be able to channel their inner Storm from 'X-Men' with this electrifying dress. It is capable of discharging one million volts of electricity without harming the wearer. That fact is impressive for a number of reason, least of which is the look that it produces.

Designed by Dutch electronic couture artist, designer and curator Anouk Wipprecht and music performance group Arcattack, the electrifying dress was recently presented at the 9th annual Maker Faire Bay Area. According to Psfk, it "is made of 94 waterjet-cut metal panels connected together with more than 600 rings. The dress has shoulder pieces fitted with 16-inch nitrogen-filled plasma balls that glow bright purple when electrified with the Tesla coils."