Whooshh Innovations' Fish Cannons Can Fire 40 Salmon a Minute

 - Aug 13, 2014
References: whooshh & gizmodo
Whooshh Innovations has invented an ingenious fish cannon to transport salmons across dams. Dams pose a severe problem to salmon trying to migrate across the waters. For years, environmentalists have been thinking of ways to help the fish get around the dams, including ladders, lifts and other interventions. However, the high cost of these devices has meant that few places installed them.

Whooshh Innovations' fish cannons are reminiscent of the transportation tubes seen in Futurama. The tubes' interiors are covered in soft baffles that enable negative pressure to gently suck fish along without bruising them.

The current cannon prototype propels the fish along at speeds of 15 to 22 mph before dumping them back in the water where they belong. Interestingly, the fish don't seem to be too traumatized by the experience and appear to enter the tubes without too much fuss.