From Robotic Pet Babysitters to Remote Fish Feeders

 - Sep 2, 2015
Whether you care for a loving dog, cat or even fish, it can be hard to regularly feed them when you have limited time at home, which is why a plethora of automatic pet feeders are being invented. These allow pet owners to provide food consistently throughout the day without leaving school, work or their important social engagements.

Creative technology now exists that can be pre-programmed to set the time and amount of food to give to pets. One of the more high-tech automatic pet feeders is the Bistro feeder that uses facial recognition to feed cats. Not only does this device provide food remotely for the pet, it makes sure that if multiple pets live at home, one will not hog all the food. Other designs like the 'Pawport' remote pet feeder and the 'Petzi' treat dispenser provide cameras and two-way audio systems as added communication features so that you and your pet can stay connected.