The Fortis Exoskeleton Allows Wearers to Easily Lift Heavy Objects

 - Aug 26, 2014
References: lockheedmartin & gizmag
Lockheed Martin's Fortis exoskeletons are designed to allow wearers to handle extremely heavy equipment for long periods of time with reduced fatigues. The exoskeletons are soon to be tested and evaluated by the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences, which wants to look into their suitability for the US Navy.

The Fortis exoskeleton essentially functions as a frame that increases the wearer's strength and endurance by redirecting the weight of heavy objects away from the wearer's body and down through the exoskeleton to the ground. This design allows wearers to carry objects weighing up to 36 pounds as if they were weightless. By using the exoskeleton in conjunction with the Equipois ZeroG arm, wearers can reduce fatigue by 300% and improve productivity by up to 2,700%.