Stasis by Method Studio is Fit for an Art Gallery

 - Sep 22, 2014
References: methodfurniture & coolhunting
Stasis is a stylish bicycle rack that will put many similar designs to shame. Interestingly enough, there are probably nothing truly comparable to this piece of furniture to begin with. When it comes to bike racks, designers often equate style with minimalism since the object in question is so large to begin with.

Fit for a gallery, the stylish bicycle rack was designed by Callum Robinson of Method Studio, a designer and woodworker based in the outskirts of Edinburgh. Putting the bike on display, it is made out of brass piping and wood that brings to mind a modern take on classic entranceway furniture. Robinson says, "It's a bit Damien Hirst, almost 'Metropolis'-inspired. We wanted the bike to be admired, not just stored."