Live Green Toronto Reminds Us that Littering is Not a Good Look

 - Aug 28, 2014
References: toronto & blogto
Live Green Toronto's sassy anti-litter campaign is sure to strike a chord, especially for those who care about their self-image.

At this point, littering has become a pretty serious taboo; one that can incur the very called-for wrath of friends, family or even strangers. Rather than concentrate on the unethical, harmful effects of littering on our environment, the campaign plays to our fear of social judgement. The campaign is hinged around the telling slogan: "littering says a lot about you." In other words, people are watching, and they're probably not impressed.

To further drive the point home, the slogan is accompanied by messages spelled out in the litter itself. The adjectives used to describe the litterbugs are none too flattering, ranging from "lazy" to "low-life."