The Flare Pan by Dr. Thomas Povey Reinvents the Traditional Cooking Pot

 - Sep 19, 2014
References: isis-innovation & gizmag
The Flare Pan is perhaps one of the most exciting things to hit the market since jeggings. Of course, it isn't nearly as controversial. As energy efficient as jeggings are comfortable, the aesthetic is nevertheless much more pleasing to the eye. Although some people might take issue with cleaning the Flare Pan's exterior considering that there are a ton of fin-like protrusions to deal with.

That said, the Flare Pan is an exciting re-design of a traditional piece of cookware because it requires 40 per cent less heat. Designed by Dr. Thomas Povey of the University of Oxford, the Flare Pan is heavily influenced by technology developed to dissipate heat in jet engines. The fins are meant to absorb previously wasted heat.