The Flying Rider Bike Provides more Push for Power

 - Sep 19, 2014
References: flyingrider & gizmag
The Flying Rider bike is an innovative design that rethinks the traditional bicycle. Essentially, it hangs the cyclist from an arching backrest so that they have something to push against for more power. Although it looks completely bizarre, the Flying Rider bike does address some interesting points.

Designed by architect and engineer David Schwartz, the Flying Rider bike was conceived when he noticed Tour de France competitors bobbing up and down as they pedaled. By containing that unnecessary movement, he figured cyclists would become more efficient and, as a result, faster. In terms of the harnesses used to suspend the cyclist, they aren't completely comfortable yet. Schwartz states, "None of them are perfect, but all of them are better for me than a seat ... I'm thinking that an athletic body-wear designer should rethink a hang glider-type harness for this bike."