The 'Les Fleurs Maudites' Installation Displays Shunned Plants

Les Fleurs Maudites or 'The Damned Flowers' is an architectural installation that takes visitors around a treacherous path into a garden of plants that have historically been feared or disliked for reasons legitimate or not. The collection of flowers in the garden includes a variety of psychotropic, narcotic and entheogen vegetation. Visitors are separated from the plants by a mesh barrier, giving the impression that the plants have been imprisoned and rejected. The labyrinthine visitors' deck includes panels containing information about each plant's history.

The introduction of a physical barrier invites viewers to reflect on the injustice of arbitrary separations in culture and in nature. Psychotropic, narcotic and entheogen plants are often unfairly characterized as being bad or dangerous when they actually have a lot of positives to offer.

Les Flaur Maudites was conceived and set up by Charlotte Trillaud in collaboration with Lucien Puech Architecture. Photo Credits: designboom,