This Lettuce Packaging Uses Vegetable Inks & Sugar-Based Materials

 - Sep 4, 2014
Most consumers take their lettuce home in either a bag or a container that's made out of plastic, but this lettuce packaging concept by Simon Randell offers a much better alternative.

The packaging for the fictive brand Southern Lettuce is able to stand on its own and show off the tops of the lettuce leaves. The container itself mimics the shape of the green leaves, with additional strength added through interlocking tabs. The proposed material to construct the form of the hydroponic lettuce packaging is a biodegradable, water-resistant sealant made out of sugar that will gradually break down over time. On top of this, the container is printed with vegetable inks so that the design is truly green. As well as being easy to transport home, this system makes storing lettuce at home easy.