Every Layer of Bee's Wrap is Eco-Friendly and Fittingly Functional

 - Oct 8, 2014
References: beeswrap & thedieline
There are actually two packaging concepts at play within Bee's Wrap: the product itself and the sleeve that protects it. Stitch Design Co. is responsible for the environmentally conscious envelope and Sarah Kaeck is the creator of the gorgeously green kitchen companion within.

Most excitingly, the Bee's Wrap product is made from organic cotton muslin that's been woven with tree resin, jojoba oil and, of course, beeswax. The latter ingredients give the fabric a natural antibacterial quality and the means to trap in freshness. The unique and slightly sticky material can be folded, rolled and pinched to seal around all sorts of snacks and even edibles in bowls. Gently wash and reuse Bee's Wrappers as an incredibly sustainable alternative to aluminum foil and saran wrap. The different varieties in various dimensions are carefully kept inside of chipboard pouches that have minimal ink applied.