The Merit Chocolate Badges Make Sure You've Earned Your Treat

 - Oct 2, 2014
References: onelonghouse & thedieline
The Merit Chocolate Badges by One Long House ensure that you're deserving of a sweet before you dig in.

They say that good things come to those who wait, but even better things come to those who do! This interactive packaging design employs a merit-based system, inspired by Boy Scouts, where each treat is coupled with a duty you must complete before you eat. It is only once you've concluded the task that you've officially "earned" your delicious snack! One such task, for example, is to rise with the sun. It reads, "Get up, get out, and watch the sun come up...and don't complain. CRACK OF DAWN." If you manage to get out of bed in time, you can enjoy a caffeine-infused morsel.

The wooden box contains eight pieces that you need to earn, and one freebie bite.