Peugeot Hybrid Air Gets Rid of Expensive Batteries to Power Petrol Engine

 - Oct 7, 2014
References: psa-peugeot-citroen & autoexpress
Many drivers are now aware that vehicles can be sufficiently powered on batteries and not just fuel, yet the Peugeot Hybrid Air model introduces a new form of energy that is just as eco-friendly and even cheaper. It replaces expensive batteries with compressed air to boost the small petrol engine. Although this technology isn't due until 2015 at the latest, the Peugeot Hybrid Air is closer to the market than people might first imagine.

The Peugeot Hybrid Air takes on the form of a hatchback and is touted as being able to reach almost 100mpg. This system is also capable of operating in zero emissions air mode, petrol-engine-only mode or a combination of the two. Overall, the Peugeot Hybrid Air is a lightweight vehicle that could further revolutionize the industry.