The Supercritical Washing Machine Uses No Water and No Detergent

 - Oct 8, 2014
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Imagine a stain-fighting appliance that uses no water and no soap. This is the concept behind the Supercritical Washing Machine. Proposed by Daniel Nagy, this device would really reduce the household consumption of natural resources, all the while avoiding the use of potentially contaminating products.

The winner of a 2014 Red Dot Design Award, this cutting-edge idea involves taking advantage of carbon dioxide as a sanitizing agent. The capsular laundry cleaner would heat its chemical contents to 30 degrees, enabling this particular compound to exist in both gaseous and liquid forms at once. With this combination, spills, dirt and odors could be aggressively removed from fabrics without any damage to the clothing's delicate material. Let's hope that the possibilities of the Supercritical Washing Machine will begin to be explored immediately.