Smart Chime Washing Machine Ensures You're Following the Directions

 - Nov 19, 2013
References: yankodesign
There are many functioning adults out there who absolutely have no clue about how to do laundry properly. The Smart Chime Washing Machine would be a wonderful investment to those who find the process unintuitive. This hi-tech home appliance helps you sort out your dirty clothes and it chooses the ideal cleaning cycle to ensure cleanliness and protection.

After applying RFID tags to the existing tags of your articles, you can begin filling the front loader. An RFID-scanning antenna reads the information about each item, as well as picking up the material's color. Taking fabric type into account, Jiae Ohjiae's Smart Chime Washing Machine either approves or disapproves of what you put into it. The device assists you in rinsing like combinations of garments together and it applies the perfect temperature and time to every load.