Spherification Kits by El Bulli

If the phrases ‘El Bulli,’ ‘Ferran Adrià,’ ‘Wylie Dufresne,’ or ‘molecular gastronomy’ mean anything to you or someone you know, these spherification kits are a must for your holiday wish list.

Molecular gastronomy is the practice of using scientific chemicals and methods to manipulate food into unexpected forms. Chef Ferran Adrià pioneered molecular gastronomy at his restaurant El Bulli, and Adrià has made DIY spherification kits available for sale from his website.

With these spherification kits, you can turn any liquid into a gel-like solid sphere. Naturally, Adrià proposes some unusual combinations for a sphere, like Spherical Tea Ravioli or a Hot Spherical Asparagus Egg. The kits come complete with the chemicals you’ll need as well as the utensils.