From Portable Gelatin Shooters to Mini Intoxicating Cupakes

 - Mar 24, 2012
Indulge your inner child with these jiggling Jell-O creations. Treat your sweet tooth and get your drink on with a gelatinous shooter or spruce up your decor with a light reminiscent of a retro Jell-O mold. With so many ways to enjoy this old school dessert, you'll never run short of inspiring Jell-O ideas to create and enjoy.

Take a bite out of an anatomically correct jelly heart or enjoy a conveniently packaged intoxicating gummy for on-the-go drunken snacking. The perfect complement to any patio party, these Jell-O creations will delight your guests. Go for broke and create a layered rainbow dessert, or create some lickable LEGO for the budding contractor in your life. With so many fun ways to enjoy Jell-O, you'll wonder why it isn't apart of your regular dessert rotation.

Sure to lure you in with their hypnotic jiggling, these trembling Jell-O creations are a whole lot of fun.