Landscapes by Liz Hickok

 - Feb 12, 2008
References: lizhickok
If the graphic isn't enough to entice you (that's what got my interest sparked) then maybe you need to see the video of one artist's creative vision of what the San Francisco landscape would look like if it were made entirely from Jell-O.

"When lit properly, the molded shapes that make up the city blur into a jewel-like mosaic of luminous color, volume, and light," says artist Liz Hickok of her work, San Francisco in Jell-O. "However, I've discovered that the gelatinous material also evokes uncanny parallels with the geological qualities of the real San Francisco. While the translucent beauty of these compositions is what first attracts the viewer, their fragility quickly becomes a metaphor for the transitory nature of human artifacts."

OK, so it's a little bizarre, but isn't that what art is about? Something unique and novel that generates so much curiosity, you're lured into taking a second look?