From Celesbian Weddings to Plastic Surgery Lingerie

 - May 25, 2009
It all started with a Gold Rush that would change California forever. The early 20th century was marked by the establishment of Los Angeles as the center of the American entertainment industry, and these days, the California Supreme Court is faced with the Proposition 8 challenge.

Let’s take a look at this beautiful, diverse and at times scandalous Sunshine State. To many, Cali is a symbol of stardom and success. This cluster includes famous A to D-listers, red carpet do’s and don’ts, luxury rehabs, gay marriage debates, earthquake predictions, fires, cars, boats and much, much more. Anything and everything that you could imagine exists in California! From mountains to Ocean, from scandal to fame, Botox and plastic surgery obsessions, this cluster is your 12 step program to Californication.