Six Christmas-Time Movies With Nazi Themes

 - Dec 25, 2008
References: huffingtonpost
The Huffington Post revealed a bizarre trend for this Christmas - films with Nazi themes. Citing no less than six films released within the last month that have plot lines related to WWII and specifically the Nazi regime.

Valkyrie - A highly-publicized Tom Cruised film about a plot to assassinate Hitler from within the Nazi party.

Good - Viggo Mortensen stars as a mild-mannered man drawn into the Nazi regime.

Defiance - Daniel Craig and Liev Schreiber play two brothers who resist the Nazis from a hideout in the woods.

Adam Resurrected - Jeff Goldblum plays a Holocaust survivor in a mental institution.

The Reader - Kate Winslet plays a woman who has an affair with a young man, only for him to find out her secret connection to the Nazi regime many years later.

Boy In The Stripped Pajamas - A highly acclaimed film, and the first of this set of six to be released, about two young boys who become friends. One is in a concentration camp, and the other is the son of the Nazi overseer of the camp.

Whether the Huffington Post is right that the reason for the films of this nature being released at Christmas pays off at the Oscars, the sheer magnitude of this year's Nazi-themed releases makes this a more substantial trend. My thought is that the world is in current discord with pending economic-crisis & eco-crisis, and for the first time since WWII we are seeing that the world as a whole is feeling threatened, much like the Nazis did when they tried to take over the world in a bid for supremacy.

But of course, you have to wonder, how do you recommend a film with such a complete downer storyline after the holiday festivities?