Beverly (Tehran) Hills 90210

 - Nov 14, 2008
References: persianesque
Iran is being shown in an increasingly positive light, even in media geared at younger generations. 90210, the newly re-spun version of the cult 90s TV show, is much more applicable to the modern multiculturalism that defines North America now that it's incorporating characters of different ethnic backgrounds such as Navid Shirazi whose family comes from Iran.

"We were wearing our 'persian-critic' glasses as we watched, and to our super-duper pleasant surprise… we got to hear some Farsi, - yes, even a simple Khorresht (stew) and Tonbak (persian drums) mention counts in our book - see Navid’s family, and get a sense for some Persian hospitality," said of a recent 90210 episode in which Navid invites his girlfriend over for a family dinner.

"You’ve got our Persian audience hooked," the blog exclaimed.

The racial divide is breaking down in North America, which is truly wonderful, and with Obama as president-elect, hopefully the conflicting views of Iran reside even more, and we all learn to embrace this continent of as a multicultural haven where all cultures are welcome.