Paris Hilton Goes Under the Knife for New Boobs

 - Apr 2, 2007
References: thesuperficial & thesun
In a world where nearly every female star has plastic surgery, Paris Hilton at least demonstrated to young girls that surgery wasn't a requirement. She didn't have large boobs, and she didn't seem to care about that.

Well, it appears that Paris Hilton has finally taken the plunge (caved) and adopted twins.... sorry folks! We're not talking babies from Cambodia. We're talking breast implants. The never ending trend seems to continue. Even the most confident of females and even those who pretend to love their small breasts, don't seem to be be able to withstand the Hollywood pressure.

Paris has claimed in the past to be 'happy with small boobs'... but some claim this is only because her father refused to pay for them. It looks like little Paris has been saving her pennies and finally decided to cash in.