From Tension Relief Ta-Tas to Busty Bavarian Photoshoots

 - Jun 11, 2012
These remixed boob innovations show how the world's obsession with breasts has been transformed into new ideas. For centuries, breasts have been known to have an appealing effect on men. They have such an allure that companies strategically use breast-baring advertisements to attract people to buy their products. Breasts fulfill fantasies, but they also play an integral role for feeding children.

A woman's breast is a major organ that adds to a her self-esteem and confidence. Breasts can come in all shapes and sizes, and this body part has been remixed through ads, accessories, food ideas and art designs. The variety of objects include anything from naughty shower accessories to a boob computer mice. Plunge into the cleavage of these innovations to see the many ways boobs have been tweaked to create fresh products.