Pace Detergent Sells Whiteness With T & A

 - Mar 31, 2009
References: adsoftheworld
Guaranteed to catch the attention of males: While some ads go for the ass, and some go for the tits, this new ad campaign for Pace Detergent goes for both.

And while the concept itself is rather stupid, the fact that the ads flaunt a healthy cleavage and a nice ass makes this uninspired campaign rather successful in marketing the product.

Why would I call the concept stupid? The ads show white tops and skirts that are so white, they make the black underwear beneath them look white. Hmmm, yeah, I reckon that's stupid and doesn't make sense. But hey, they have T&A.

The campaign was created by Contract Advertising, New Delhi, India, with creative team of Amit Shankar, Uddalak Gupta, Natwar Singh, Pranjal Bordoloi, and photography by Ashish Chawla.