From Profane French Fries to Heart-Stopping Poutine Burgers

 - Jun 30, 2011
Who doesn't love a crisp golden-brown potato? These fascinations with french fries will show you how far some people will take the beloved side order as they twist it into some nifty creations.

I never thought I'd ever see a human skull made out of french fries, but lo and behold, that's exactly what one talented McDonald's customer did. Then there's profane french fry advertising which positions the cut up potatoes into a scrunched up fist with the middle finger in the air.

My favorite of these fascinations with french fries though has got to be the Poutine Burger. It's exactly as mouthwatering as it sounds.

Implications - The food service industry enjoys steady business even during times of economic uncertainty because it provides consumers a necessity. Corporations can similarly look into offering goods and services which the general public deems essential.