Busty Life-Sized Dolls Give New Meaning to "Plastic Surgery"

 - Mar 5, 2009
References: glamour
Traditionally, store mannequins have been designed with the sole intention of showing off a garment. These 5"10, size 0 shapeless plastic dolls used to represented a body shape that could only be ours with a bit of death-defying starvation and lots of white powder. Consequently, most women did not look to mannequins as a source of inspiration for an improved self esteem. 

Female body proportions, however, have increased across the board and there’s a growing trend among clothes merchandisers to reflect that change in their mannequins. Subsequently, the shapeless dolls have become voluptuous, curvy and above all very, very chesty.

I can’t quote an specific number to illustrate the explosive growth in chest augmentation surgeries in the USA. But as everyone knows, boob implant procedures have become almost as commonplace as putting on makeup. Therefore, it would not be so far off the mark to say that mannequins’ breasts are growing to cater for the number of women who now have huge implanted racks.

Finally, I want to point out that the mannequin with those humongous boobs on the lead image is, to no one’s surprise, from a clothing store in South Beach, Florida.