- Aug 18, 2011
It seems that the number of celeb younger sibling appearances and endorsements goes up everyday, from Elle Fanning fashion shoots to Elizabeth Olsen vegan footwear. Living in the shadow of their older siblings was not an option for these rising stars, who have proven themselves talented and buzz-worthy enough to stand on their own.

While some of these stars are almost indistinguishable from their older siblings, like Jamie Lynn Spears, others are shockingly different and it is a surprise to even find out they are related. Charlotte Ronson, younger sister of Mark and Samantha Ronson, for instance, has made a splash in the fashion world compared to her more musically-inclined siblings.

All of these celeb younger siblings are incredibly talented and are on the right path to great things, following in the footsteps of their older sisters and bros.

From Elle Fanning to Alex Watson, These Rising Stars Shine: