Nicholai Debuts In NYC

 - Sep 12, 2007
Nicky Hilton made her fashion debut at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City on September 8. Paris' younger sister proved that talent and a love for style run in her blood.

"To be taken seriously as a designer, Hilton had to show that she was not just another celebrity who wanted to see her name on a collection â€" despite the success of her handbag line in Japan and the sportswear collection she launched three years ago," said the Associated Press.

"Hilton showed she was serious Sunday night with her collection Nicholai (which is her real name). With her parents beaming from the front row, models pranced down the runway in outfits alternating between bourgeois â€" including a black silk cape over a white dress shirt paired with mini-shorts â€" and flirty, such as a black strapless dress wrapped in tulle."

Is big sister Paris proud of Nicky's accomplishments? That's hard to tell -- the older heiress was a no-show at the Nicholai show. Both parents were there and told the press their daughter's absence was due to work.